Step 1: Buy a Sync Business License with API support

If you add API support to your sync business license (included for free for all licenses with more than 20 seats and $2 per seat per month for less than 20) you can get started. The Sync business trial (14 days) also includes API support:

Step 2: Set up your environment

IMPORTANT: The instructions below are for customers with a valid license key for sync business with API support enabled only and who also run Sync client 2.6 or later only. Users who use the old style separate API key and lower client versions, can’t leave the api_key value blank and need to insert their old key value into the config file.

To enable the API, you must have a valid Sync Business License Key with the API feature enabled and run Sync in with a special config file:

On Mac and Linux, run the Sync executable with --config argument.

On Windows, use /config .

Sync uses JSON format for the configuration file. The config file must have "api_key" with empty value.

Here is a sample config file that you can use to enable API:

    // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data,
    // folder must exist on disk
    "storage_path" : "/Users/user/.SyncAPI",
    // run Sync in GUI­less mode
    "use_gui" : false,
    "webui" : {
        // IP address and port to access HTTP API
        "listen" : "",
        // login and password for HTTP basic authentication
        // authentication is optional, but it's recommended to use
        // some secret values unique for each Sync installation
        "login" : "api",
        "password" : "secret",
        // replace xxx with API key received from Resilio
        "api_key" : ""

You should create your own login and password for security reasons to replace the default settings above.

You should the api_key value blank “” (only customers who are using clients 2.5 or below and who have an old style standalone API Key need to enter a value for the api_key field)

The config file may be located in any directory on your drive.

Looking for instructions on how to silently install Resilio Sync? Click here.

Step 3: Check out the documentation and examples

See our documentation for detailed information on how to use the Sync API.

Check out these GitHub pages for examples: Resilio Sync API v2 tutorial & Sync sample integration with Slack.

Step 4: Join the conversation

Jump over to the Sync API forums to ask questions, give feedback and share your work.